Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Finish Line

Dear Friends, Family, and Supporters,

I am very excited to say that my support raising process has been going very well. It has been an incredible journey these past few months as Heather and I have witnessed God's amazing provision and unmatched faithfulness. It began with a number handed to me by Cru and I was told that I needed to have it all raised by this certain deadline otherwise they would need to rethink my role with Cru this next year. Needless to say, I was stressed, very, very stressed (Heather didn't seem to be as stressed as I was). Yet little by little, the support began to come in. Sometimes it would be in small amounts, $5/month here, $10/month there, and sometimes in gifts of $100/month or more. Whatever the size though, each of these gifts have added up to bring me dangerously close to the finish line. With only seven days left to reach my goal, God brought in the majority of the funds I need to get on campus. This finish line is in sight! We could not be more thankful for all of you who have already joined our support team! Thank you so much for bringing me this far on this incredible journey! Heather and I are so looking forward to the work that God is going to do in and through us in this upcoming season and you have all helped to make it possible.

Though the finish line is close, the time to really celebrate is not yet here. We still need a few more people to join our team and to join us in the work that God is going to be doing on campus at SDSU and UCSD this year. I believe that God has incredible things in store, but there is still a small gap that needs to be bridged before I can help participate in it.

For those of you who have joined our team, would you consider inviting three people you know who have a passion for college ministry to read my previous post and consider partnering with us as well?

If you have not yet joined our team please consider doing so! The work of God is worth the investment, no matter how small.
Looking toward the finish line and the future. Come journey with me

Thank you all so much for your prayers and your financial giving! You are making incredible things happen for the Kingdom of God.

--Scott McGhee

P.S. Here is the link to give online: