About Me

I would like to refer to myself as an international man of mystery. I secretly fly all across the globe secretly saving the world from utter doom and peril on a bi-weekly basis. I would do it every week but come on, it is pretty tiring and a week off every other week is just what the doctor ordered. I let someone else save the planet on my off weeks. His name is Brian.

I would like to refer to myself like that...I'm sure Brian would like that too.

In reality, I am a fairly normal human being. No super powers, no world saving, no Brian. In fact, most of the time, it is just my wife Heather and me sitting in a coffee shop near our micro-apartment in San Diego, California. We sit at our laptops and share our musings and ramblings with the world around us (which for me is really just Heather and my mom. Hi Mom!) So if you are here, and you are neither my wife, nor my mother, thank you for visiting, drop a comment down below to let me know you were here. I hope you enjoy what you read. I'm going to try and make it funny sometimes I promise.